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[11 Jun 2004|04:51pm]
oh holy shit, what a week.
the weekend was fun- Saturday i was at Barold's house like all day working on our Hebrew video which came out pretty fucking good, by the way. then Saturday night i babysat and sunday i was sickish. this week kinda flew by due to the fact that no one felt like learning and, with the exception of mr. brizznown, no one really felt like teaching. so i skipped most of my classes, studied waaay less than i should have and generally did shit. tuesday was the academy awards, which, after much convincing, i finally relented to going to. i went to alyssa's before and keren and lauren were there too. we tanned and hung out. then brad pierce came and drove us to the awards where i won...Outstanding lowerclassmen english student!!! and to all of u who said i did shit in that class, well fuck u, lol. the rest of the week kinda blurs together. today was the last real day. we cleaned out our lockers, had our last classes, and spent our last time together with a couple people...this year was interesting. i did some stupid shit and made a lot of dumb mistakes but whatever, i learned a lot. about myself, too. i met so many amazing people and i love u all. things are never gonna be the same. i cant decide if thats a good thing or not cause i really dont know what to expect. but then again, i hate change no matter what. o well, we'll just have to see how things turn out... pea soup, much love,
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[28 May 2004|03:23pm]
im on break, but it doesnt really feel like break. monday felt like thursday and tuesday felt like friday cause i didnt have school wednesday, thursday or today. so these past few days have felt like summer. i was going to go to new york, but i coulndt find a flight, so that got screwed. so ive just been hanging out here, sleeping, eating and playing with people. i had an amazing walk with matt and i honestly do not know what i am going to do without him next year. i am going to miss him more than anything. i went to the mall with doniele and got yummmy bras and underwears from victoria's. and i went to Patrick's soccer game with Jessie. we watched the game for a little bit, and then we playedCollapse )

it was much fun. i love that girl. alright, im done. pea soup and much love,
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[18 May 2004|05:54pm]
so. brief recap of the past week. sunday-a fucking vase fell on my hand, a fucking heavy vase, and crushed it. monday-spent the day in the hospital and said bye to pamela. tuesday-said...bye to pamela. wednesday-who the fuck remembers wednesday?? thursday-yeah i dont remember that day either. friday-babysat for like seven hours and fell so dead asleep, which, it was probably best that i was so then they could sneak the dad in who was waaay past tipsy. saturday-was supposed to go to laura's party but ended up..not.did nothing and then played with kels for a little. sunday-did homework and went to the batting cages. monday i woke up at 5:15 and went to cedar point the entire day. it was actually way fun and even when i got soaking wet from the water rides and i was wearing a white shirt. but wtf i wouldnt be me if that bothered me. and contrary to what ben says i was very brave and went on the big scary rides..fer real. then the bus ride back was so fucking hot it wasnt even funny. hot like people were sticking to the seats like a tongue sticking to a frozen pole. and everybody was sweaty and let me tell u, hot, sticky, sweaty jews are not, a pretty sight. then got off the bus, finally, after two fucking hours and got right back in the car, with, wouldnt u guess it, no air conditioning! good times. then i got home and i had the worst fucking headache of my life and i could not move i was so tired. so i went to bed at like 7.okay i axagerated but i havent gone to bed that early since at least third grade. then went to school today and had english, which most of it was spent sitting out in the hall due to the fact that i didnt do the reading and history, which most of was spent in the multi purpose room due to the fact that the poop toilets were leaking into the history room and math, which most of which was spent wondering why my mr.indian teacher had a gunshot wound on his forehead. then i had lunch which i shared with yair, o wait no, i bought lunch, had three and a quarter bites and yair took the rest. its ok tho, hes yair. then study hall and then art, half of which was play time with my friend and the other part was get-back-into-class-and-pretend-uve-been-there-the-entire-time part. which didnt really work because my teacher immediately said,
patty-where have u been missy

me-uhhh, in the corner.

patty-theres no corner in this room, annie, its round

annie-o yeah, um shit,i was just in a place where u couldnt see me

patty-believe me, if i couldnt have seen u, i most definetly would have been able to hear u. the deaf seniors at danto can hear u as clear as a bell

then i came home to carpenter people tearing holes in my walls. going to workout later cause we all know that im a fattie. and maybe playing with kels. and of course eating macaroni. k, pea soup and much loves,
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[04 May 2004|08:00pm]

wow, i havent updated in a while mainly because nothing super exciting or yummy has happened, especially due to the fact that ive avoided jeep-driving-manish-women at all costs. my life has been filled with shitloads of work, not enough dream-time, and waay not enough play time. beni's here now and so is kels and rachie is coming over later to play with me! then tomorrow im dtiching the jews and going to visit waldorf with my babies! this weeks mantra, wait no make that this months mantra seems to be:

everything go back to normal

everything go back to normal

everything go back to normal


i wish. o well, such is life. like when ur in the shower and ur whole entire fucking family comes in and hangs out like its the new hot spot. wait, hmm. and the humming, the humming holy shit, not to mention the infamous fat man chuckles. good times, good times. ehem. anyways. mm happy birthdays! happy happy to alex babe and friday is SiMonE's!! loves and kisses to everyone,


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[19 Apr 2004|06:41pm]
today was an interesting day. pretty good actually. i went to school this morning and me and my friend both had our collars pOpPed, the only way to do it. then i had english which i can hardly remember it seems to long ago. then minyan and i went to the egal one which was waaaay wierd. then bible and history and rabbinics. jordan treated me to lunch and we shared yummmy cake. then i had math and then hebrew which She ruined by causing me to have a miny inner shpilkdown in which i had to resist the urge to strangle my hands around her ugly little neck. whew, anyways. then study hall and physics. ok. here comes maybe the most...interesting part of the day yet. so i walk michael out to his car (collars still pOPped, of course) and my carpool lady like vrOOms up in this old like, army jeep. ...needless to say, confusion overtook my usually spunky and cheery face. "u riding with me?" she belts out in what can only be described as a truly barbaric and disturbingly manish tone. ....yeah, i guess i am...? ok so first im like ill sit in the back its no problem, meaning i really wanted to sit in the back and not next to her. but no. shes like oooo nooo we'll make the boys sit in back and the girrrllls get to sit in front! so im like fuck. so steve climbs in the back and shes showing me how to move the seat back so i can sit and she starts motioning by her shirt. and im like...? and shes like "pst. please pull your shirt down." im like WTF but i pull it down and get in the car. ok wow yeah, cuase shes deffffinetly my mom, wtf even my mom wouldnt comment on where my shirt falls. anyways. so then were sitting in the car and im not saying anything so shes like are u ok sweeeetie???? and im like im fine thanks and she starts petting my head and rubbing my back. ...i hate when people pet my head who i dont want petting my head. but i hold it in and resist the urge to strangle her as well. so then she starts asking me about my mom which generally doesnt bother me but shes like probing and im like omg im getting really annoyed. so i answer her questions while shes like blasTING the radio which is on like oldies and shes like i LOOOOOOOVE JEEPS! dont u?????? i allways feel sooo cooool when i drive this car. its such a coooooool car dont u think?????? rubbbing back, petting head, dont u feel cooool????? rubbing, patting. so im like yeah, really. cool. car. meanwhile im like "i could not be sitting in a shittier piece of ..shit and its older than my two great grandparetns put together and so are u by the way and i feel like my head is about to CRASH thru the fucking WHINShield im sitting to close to the damn dashboard and the OLDIES are Blasting in my brain and my back is getting rubbed and my head is being petted more than my dog in a year and i"M GONNNA LOSE MY FUCKING MIND!! ...so i close my eyes and put my head down and pretend to sleep the entire way home.

problem solved.

..that is until we got to my house and she thought i was dreaming so she started rubbing again.
then i had tutoring to help me learn to be smart and now im just chillin. pretty good day. starting drivers training soon wanna play with people over the weekend. loves to everyone.
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[17 Apr 2004|11:40pm]
i have wierd shoulder bones. i never noticed before cuase i never payed any special attention to them. but when theyre burned and peeling, u tend to notice them more.
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[17 Apr 2004|11:41am]
hmm. so many things to think about and decide. but making decisions is so hard. anyways miami was amazing and i miss it so much it hurts. i cant stand being home. i miss when things were easy. i hate it how everyone wants to be someone else. why cant they just wanna be themsleves?? like in that show i want a famous face, which is so hard to watch by the way cause u have to close ur eyes when they do the gross cutting and sewing and stuff. i have so many random thoughts running thru my head right now. hmmm...
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spring break [06 Apr 2004|10:14pm]
So. Spend spring break lounging around thrilling and hair-raising Michigan? Or get on the next flight to sunny Miami. Hmm… now that’s a toughie. Wait, it really was, I couldn’t decide. But then after a two-day taste of what break would be…staying up til 3, waking up at…3, and not much else, I booked my ticket. So for the next week ill be living it up, and partying it up, in MiAmI!! Holy shit, I might be tan! Damn, now that would be something! Anyways, my flight leaves tomorrow at 10:10 am with a layover thing in Cleveland and landing in Miami at 3:49 pm. Then me and my sunny self will be coming home april 13th at 1:05pm and getting in at 5:25pm. Wow, I so way don’t even sound like myself. Im excited, needless to say. Ill have a cell on me (248-417-1899) if u need me. Thank u guys so much to all my bestest bests who made my happy birthday the shit and I love u all.

Kels- go to Chicago and have a blast. It will be so much fun. I promise promise
Jessie- have soo much fun in California, it will be amazing.
All my waldorf loves- have fun visiting and give my love to everybody there
Matt- have fun camping…??
Who else is going somewhere? Well, fer everybody that’s staying here, have fun..
Loves to everybody and ill bring u home some sun.

~Party in the city where the heat is on
All night, on the beach till the break of dawn
Welcome to Miami
Buenvenidos a Miami
Bouncin in the club where the heat is on
All night, on the beach till the break of dawn
I'm goin to Miami
Welcome to Miami….
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Happy Birthday [04 Apr 2004|12:21pm]
the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, its so yummy when its ur HaPpY BiRtHdaY!!
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holy shit [30 Mar 2004|07:36pm]
[ mood | sick ]

wow, so many revelations-first of all- he wasnt EaTiNg toast, its a song u dumshit! but like i told u, if u dont explain it to me, it wont process. secondly- kelsey is my knight in shining armor and she is the sweetest thing ever! who else shows up on my doorstep with food from red chickadee and says here you go...needless to say, shes amazing. third..where was i...o yeah not being able to talk really blows some serious dick. fully, blows, penis. hmmm not being able to see someone u really wanna see whenever u want is pretty damn bad too...everything else is pretty ok. my happy birthday is in 6 days and its gonna be soo yummy! k, loves to everyone!!

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[27 Mar 2004|10:27am]
wow- fun times. last night i came home from school after a car ride that would have fully killed ur ears with keren lauren and david adn went for a walk with kels. then i saw miss j and we played fer a little (shes the coolest) then went to bed at like 8 at night cuase it was better than...anyways i went to bed lol. then doniele came upstiars at like 2 in the morning and woke me up, wasnt pretty. today im going to get my haircut and then i dont know what me and my newly trimmed ends will be doing...loves and kisses to everyone
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[25 Mar 2004|04:51pm]
[ mood | happy ]

yaya happy day! hmm...little recap- woke up, took a shower, got dressed, then i wanted to wear my diesels but i couldnt fucking find them so i had to wear my birks. then keren and lauren took me to school-fun fun. first hour was english which was pretty uneventful except for my making up with my teacher after our big fight, then minyan and history and third hour was math. i could not sit still in that class like a whoa and a half and so it was dead silent and all of a sudden i just screamed miss wrotslavsky i can not sit still any more! and walked out hmm funny funny. then MOMMY came to school and we went out to lunch and i was like an hour late for my next class but it was all cool cause it was study hall so i just took a math test. then i had art which was so nice cause me and jor went outside and did our project and it was so happy out. came home and found mommy and doniele watching oprah which was about having "Oral Sex" and how its really sex and blah, blah and it was so funny cause they were talking about it right in the other room and making it like this bigger-than-fucking-life deal and i was jsut like hmm....oops lol. they have no idea whats going on in the world lol. ate another like three whips and now i feel in the mood for a walk. rachie- u gotta be excited now. only 11 days til my happy birthday. simone- enough with the tea. kels- wanna come on a walk???lol. wanna see u auzzie boy and loves and kisses to everyone else. o and happy anniversary to michael and jor!! my little loves

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[20 Mar 2004|10:25pm]
cant fucking take any more of this...
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[13 Mar 2004|02:16am]
[ mood | awake ]

wow do i hate the fat fuck...sitting next door with my friends and he starts..whatever..makes me come home and now im fucking bored...could be next door...playing:)with my friend but im not, im writing a fucking livejournal. and i hate the overgrown rat so much cuase hes the only reason i cant leave, that and the fact that im scared shitless of what the fat fuck will do if he wakes up and im gone..hmmm...and omg ow i walked into a monitor that was sitting on the floor and my knee is twice its normal size. o and the reason that He gave me for not wanting me to go to berkley is that "im an actress and at berkley ill get too much attention" whatever the hell that means..hmm again...anyways tomorrow im playing at matts for his party (happy birthday baby) and then waldorf friends r we playing or no?? call me so i no. kk love and kisses

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[10 Mar 2004|04:09pm]
[ mood | cold ]

the day--woke up, took a shower, dried my hair with a HaIrDrYeR so it wasnt on crack like it was curly, no breakfast, drove to school with the fat fuck, bible first hour, rabbbinics second, lunch with jordan-pasta the regular drink large raspberry iced tea and some of brandons amaaazing greek salad, sat there shaking in like SeVen layers, next hour slept in the student lounge, went pee for like 5 min, next hour slept more, woke up to big sister hoo was there to rescue me, came home and talked to kels and ben and my hot auzzie baby, slept more, still freeeezing...call me later and check to see im not a frozen icecube, thanks to everybody hoo took care of me today ur the best love u

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[09 Mar 2004|04:45pm]
hmm..tired and i feel a sick coming on...:)..anyways going to pay a shiva call tonight for my friends cuase i promised and taking a steamy hot shower cuase i have...anyways im gross lol( thank u Kahn)...going shopping this weekend cuase doniele said shes buying me whatever i want for my birthday! were fer sure hitting up abercrombie, gotta get the juicy some hardtails please, victorias secret like a whoa and a half o and sevens kk should be fun..if u wanna come play with me at the mall call the tellie. pierce ur the best. rachie u gotta send me those ones of my boobs please. kk thanks love u all
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[07 Mar 2004|01:55pm]
tired, confused, sick of the fat fuck and missing my hot australian friend...
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[04 Mar 2004|05:07pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

o yeah i forgot-- im starving as a mother fucker. fast days blow...if u were supposed to not eat then why the hell is there food??? i hate the fucking jews lol

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[04 Mar 2004|04:42pm]
[ mood | confused ]

wow- yesterday was like i dont even remember it day..i dont remember what happened what i wore anything. all i remember is sleeping on the travis's couch- now that was fun. k then today was like ...wierd day. k so michaels grandpa died but not just michaels cause michael has a brother and a sister and two cousins and so basically the whole school is tied to that family throuh one of them. k so the grandpa died and the funeral was today after lunch and it was the wierdest thing ever cause like u blinked and every single fucking person was gone. it was ridiculous. so my afternoon was spent talking to my new friend (please dont do drugs babes)and sleeping fun fun. then some random guy drove me home from school and his car smelled like shit and he was listening to really sketchy music... then i walk in my house and my granpa is sleeping on my couch??? couldnt tell ya...bubbys in the hospital and and I got a PLaYeR bracelet!!(thanks brad, until u take it back...)hmm what else...going babysitting tonight for my favorite little ones and omg josh im so sorry i didnt have a chance to read ur lj today i havent had time to read anyones i promise. o and simone has informed me that i shouldnt wear my hair in a ponytail cuase she thinks im gonna get raped???? craaazy girl but she knows i love her. kk hi to everybody love u all

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[03 Mar 2004|04:45pm]
michael's grandpa died...i hate when people die....
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